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A Fresh Look at Nigeria's Contemporary Art Scene #2

Henry Uduku set out in 2016 to be independent. He began his career in fashion and hasn’t looked back since. As an Independent Designer and Creative Director making strides in the Nigerian fashion industry, we were interested in meeting up and speaking on his brand and journey so far.

Iyin Abiodun, Amped Magazine

In Henry Uduku world the impossible becomes reality and the extremes meet one another. Ancestral traditions and contemporaneity are often secretly blended in such a way that the resulting groundbreaking mixture does meet an unpredictable glamour.

Henri Uduku's latest collection is a lesson in 90's nostalgia

Ntianu Obiora, Pulse.ng

The Let Me Live collection uses Adire wax dyeing techniques to create realistic motifs of the collection’s visual elements and recreates 90’s specific aesthetics like detachable trouser legs, baggy sleeves, and safari suits. These 90’s elements, seeks to capture the innocence of the past and the vivid hopefulness that the ’90s represented for many young millennials, and an opportunity to look nostalgically at the designer’s own history and the immortalize the best memories he shared with his father. more

Crafted with friends in mind is the motto for the brand. Everyone is different but then you find similarities in people and build relationships off that. I usually name a piece after one of my friends or acquaintances, and he/she has some distinct trait or principle that is represented in that piece. Henri Uduku 

The very personal message of Henri Uduku trough his evocative work relies on his memories and values but also clings to the power of his cultural background.

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