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A Fresh Look at Nigeria's Contemporary Art Scene #3 .... Shred the Grain (again)

The connection between the suggestive inner world of the artists Alexis Chivir-ter and Temi Coker is amplified by the endless materials and possibilities of the digital space.

The information age has disassembled the idea about Africa, offering up alternative stories and visual representations of this large and diverse continent.

While the African digital arena expands, African digital collagists have taken to the past using ethnographic images of Africa to recreate images of the continent from pre and post colonial eras.

Introducing an alternative narrative, websites such as the Nigerian Nostalgia Project have become a popular online resources for collagists to find historical materials photographs, videos, sound-clips and graphic art. 

Nigeria Nostalgia Project vintage photos archive

Alexis Chivir-ter

The digital collages of Nigerian artist Alexis Chivir-ter are a mystic, stylish, surrealistic vision. Deeply emotional, intimate atmosphere, geometry in waves of chaos, equilibrium between tones, shades and textures.

The origin of everything, the essence of human being, a bridge between past and present maybe already watching the future, from destroying and remixing like Nature usually does.

Temi Coker

Temi Coker photography and digital works not only defy the usual and the conventional but also show us that the Universe and Life in the Universe are not a product of coincidence or chaos.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Temi Coker is a Digital Artist & Photographer resident in Texas.

Furthermore, no matter the distance, the link with his cultural horizon is still visible from afar.

Visionary and prolific, Coker is constantly exploring the edge of his creativity. There is a sense of belonging and interconnectedness between individual improvement and community, relationships, friendship, love.

A Poster a Day is a very significant example.

People have the power: "The Flyin' Color" series is a vigorous expression of freedom and individuality. Fly, fall or just stay..

Sources and Credits: http://africandigitalart.com - https://www.wiriko.or - Jepchumba - https://www.digitalmeetsculture.net - Temi Coker - Alexis Chivir-ter

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