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Look to Africa's emerging talents for inspiration around traditional crafts, vibrant patterns, powerful colours and sustainability.

Sindiso Khumalo

Sindiso Khumalo is a sustainable textile designer based in London. Central St Martins graduate, Khumalo, studied architecture at the University of Cape Town prior to moving to London, where she went onto study a Masters in Design for Textile Futures.

"For me, the work that I produce is a love letter between myself and my ancestry, and looking at the inheritance that they’ve given me. It’s a past, future and present conversation that I’m constantly having."

Her background in architecture is an undercurrent that acts as a seam that ties together the inspiration she draws from her rich Zulu and Ndebele culture, as well as the Bauhaus and Memphis Movement.

The collection features hand painted, handwoven and indigo dyed.

"Spring Summer 2018 tells a story thought textiles of the indigenous plant life in a place called Inanda situated in the outskirts of Durban. It's sits neighboring the Umgeni River and is an area with an abundance of exotic plant life, rolling green hills and streams where children swim and play. This collection is a celebration of that and many other natural landscapes of Souther Africa." - Sindiso Khumalo

Khumalo’s debut SS13 collection showcased at the the Elle Magazine Rising Star Competition in 2012 catapulted her talent into the fashion world’s eye.

Stretching her production and design process between South Africa and the UK has not only allowed for a larger consumer base, but has also opened up the exponential growth of self-titled label.

“I believe fashion can become an empowering agent by creating a positive economic activities in otherwise marginalized parts of the world,” Sindiso expressed in an interview with JANET + GEORGE.

Producing her textiles in a sustainable manner is a major factor in her design process. This includes working with NGOs in South Africa to develop sustainable textiles, making her label more than just about clothes.

Sources and Credits: Sindiso Khumalo, Christa Dee, Jonathan Kope, Gabrielle Kannemeyer, Suaad Jeppie, Olivia Sang

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